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Karl Alexander Interview Part 1: Under the Radar

Karl Alexander Interview Part 1: Under the Radar

Almost anybody who loves sci-fi/horror books and films is familiar with the work of Karl Alexander. In 1979 his novel (with a screenplay written by Nicholas Meyer) about H. G. Wells and Jack the Ripper traveling though time and space, Time After Time, hit the big screen starring Malcolm McDowall and Mary Steenburgen. The movie was a hit and should have launched a terrific career. But why did the road turn?

My multi-part interview covers Karl's beginnings in the business right up to where he is now. He is a straight talker whose journey can open up a lot of practical doors for many of us.

What was the genesis of "Time After Time"? Was it your first novel?

First published novel, yes.

How many did you have in the cue before you finally had one published?


Over how long a period of time?

Seven years.

After three you weren't getting frustrated?

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