TV on Tap: "Glee" Grabs Katey Sagal, Comedy Central takes the Late Night Crown and "Mad Men" Style Returns to Sunday Nights

Angela Lansbury talking show tunes!

That's why you should be excited about a new season of Michael Feinstein's American Songbook.


FX has issued an apology to fans of The Americans who found their DVR recordings cut off early. The episode ran for 67 minutes but listings had the run time going for an hour, meaning many viewers missed vital scenes. FX is putting the full episode online for viewers to catch up.

The next target for Adult Swim — 80s detective shows. Deadline reports that the late night block has ordered a new live action series, Hole to Hole, that will parody 80s detective shows.

Since I find Artie one of the more toxic characters on Glee, I didn't expect to be excited at the thought of meeting his mother, but she's going to be played by Katey Sagal (who was once one of Bette Midler's Harlettes) which suddenly has

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