"Repligator" Needs To Be Seen To Be Believed

Every once in awhile, I come across a movie, and I can't believe it actually exists. Repligator is one of those movies. Everything about this movie from top to bottom is crazy. The cover art of the DVD is a sexy bikini babe with the head of an alligator, holding a ray gun Charlie's Angels-style. The plot is flat-out bonkers. After a military experiment goes terribly wrong, soldiers are turned into hot nymphomaniacs who want to have sex with anyone and everyone. This seems like a happy accident until a few of the nymphos get laid and transform into alligator monsters, the so-called “repligators.” Victims of the “repligators” come back to life as sex-crazed gay zombies, and the remaining unsatisfied nymphos run around topless with Dr. Oliver (Keith Kjornes), the project's lead scientist, trying to save the day.


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