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Examining the modern cinema of Wesley Snipes

Feature Matt Edwards 9 Apr 2013 - 07:07

The recent straight-to-video output of Wesley Snipes comes under Matt's spotlight, as he delves into four obscure action thrillers...

It was thought to be around 400 years ago that nature asked the question. We only learned the answer in 1962 – it was Wesley Snipes. Ever since, scientists have been working around the clock, trying to identify just what the question was. Not so we can ask it again, nor avoid asking it – just so we can be aware that if we do ask it, Wesley Snipes is the consequence.

Not for the first time, Den of Geek has to step in for science, as it’s going horribly wrong. To spend your time working out what caused Wesley Snipes is fine, but not at the expense of keeping an eye on what he’s been up to. Simply locking him up in a prison cell and

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