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This Week In Movies: ‘Hereafter,’ ‘Paranormal Activity 2′

By Pete Hammond Halloween must be around the corner. It was clearly a supernatural week at the movies led by Paranormal Activity 2 (more on that below) and highlighted by the national release of Clint Eastwood’s masterful new drama, Hereafter, a multi-story formatted film in which three unrelated main characters search for meaning after experiencing death – or near-death- episodes that have a profound effect on their lives. The film opened on a limited basis last weekend in La and NY to a very good $36,000 per screen and this week expanded to 2181 theatres and a $12 million plus gross which is slightly above par for Eastwood openings. Its Rotten Tomatoes rating though is a rather uninspired 51% although top critics give it a much higher 64% which seems more appropriate considering the ambition and the achievement of this intriguing film written by Peter Morgan (The Queen, Last King Of Scotland). Warner

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