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Fresh Meat Review

So if Fresh Meat taught me anything about New Zealand’s culture it’s that all the guys are perpetually horny, most of the females are lesbians, most of the police officers are witless morons, and most of the cannibals are religious cult-worshipping natives. Would any New Zealanders like to refute that? Please, I’m all ears, I know nothing about Maori culture and island rituals, except if I want to distract the Tazmianian Devil (whom I can only assume is the island mascot) all I have to do is toss a kiwi bird in the other direction and he’ll chase it. Don’t you watch cartoons? Tazmanian Devils love snacking on kiwi birds!

Aw hell, this isn’t some educational country promoting film though, so I’m just going to assume Danny Mulheron’s B-Movie horror throwback is all fictional, right down to the cannibalistic family who have

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