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Comic character stands for parliament in David Miliband's old seat

Who is this Lee Nelson who is representing the Well Good Party in South Shields?

Age: Unknown.

Appearance: Baseball-capped, loudmouthed London geezer.

What about him? He is standing for parliament in the upcoming byelection in South Shields, David Miliband's old seat.

Labour, Tory or other? Decidedly other. He is representing Lee Nelson's Well Good Party.

Ah, a single-issue crank. What are his policies? He wants to scrap the euro, ban traffic wardens and make all education voluntary.

Are you sure he's not a Tory? He also wants half the cabinet to consist of people who left school at 16, and promises to decriminalise crime.

Is this bloke for real? No.

Oh. Isn't he? No, he's a comic "chav" character played by Simon Brodkin, from a series called Lee Nelson's Well Good Show.

Never seen it. It ran for two series on BBC3.

That would explain it. How was it received?

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