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DVD Review: 'The Look of Love'

★★☆☆☆ The first offering in a busy year for Steve Coogan - and newly released this week on DVD and Blu-ray - The Look of Love (2013) is the latest collaboration between the comedian and genre-hopping British filmmaker Michael Winterbottom. This fruitful creative partnership has, in the past, offered up such bounties as 24 Hour Party People, A Cock and Bull Story and hit BBC Two series The Trip. Unfortunately, not even 'WinterCoogan' can make a sympathetic protagonist out of Soho sleaze king Paul Raymond, a largely detestable figure who - according to this biopic, at least - drove those around him to despair and beyond.

Entering into a life of grime as a mind-reader in a cabaret act, Liverpudlian chancer Raymond (Coogan) hit upon the bright idea of performing with nude assistants. Struck by the sudden revelation that men enjoy being in the company of naked women, Raymond set about building an empire of gentleman's clubs,

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