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Echo Bridge Shows Off its Visible Scars

For our money you cannot have enough slasher movies. We love those loonies who engage in the old slice and dice, and Echo Bridge Entertainment is rolling out yet another one for us enthusiasts. Read on for details.

Echo Bridge is pleased to announce the release of Visible Scars, available now on DVD through Amazon and Kmart and on Blu-ray through Best Buy. The flick, directed by Richard Turke, stars Tom Sizemore and Jillian Murray.


Backwoods scum Mike Gillis once had twin daughters. Stolen from their murdered mother, they spent most of their lives locked in his basement, until a fire set them free. Years later, Stacy Walker heads for the same remote mountains to escape her abusive boyfriend. Despite temporary relief from her tormentor, Stacy is overcome with the sound of little girls' voices...and soon the hallucinations become a violent reality.

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