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Interview: Director Jason Mann On His Deliciously Dark Delicacy

If there is a lesson to be derived from Jason Mann's whimsically morbid short film Delicacy it is to expect the unexpected... and to relish it.Premiering last fall at the Telluride Film Festival, I saw Jason's film during this year's Tribeca. For those of you out there that may be attending the Newport Beach Film Festival, it plays tomorrow evening in the shorts block Shorts With A Twist.Delightful and dark in its humor, Delicacy follows Avery, a food connoisseur of the highest order, and his dutiful chef Jonathan as they hunt for "the meat of meats". I found the short to be an absolute standout in Tribeca's shorts programming because it created a whole world and a truly immersive experience in just ten minutes. This...

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