'Saw 3D' Kills 'Paranormal Activity 2' At The Box Office

The 'Saw' franchise's seventh outing wins first place but fails to capture the success of its predecessors.

By Josh Wigler

Naomi Snieckus as Nina in "Saw 3D"

Photo: Brooke Palmer

After seven steady years of jaw-crunching, bear-trap-infused sequels, the "Saw" franchise has finally — well, allegedly — come to a close with the release of the final chapter, titled "Saw 3D."

Jigsaw's last stand drew the attention of horror lovers nationwide for a first-place finish, but the seventh "Saw" failed to capture the success of its predecessors.

"Saw 3D" managed only $22.5 million this weekend, with an additional $1.7 million earned at midnight showings last Thursday, despite the allure of 3-D technology and the promise of resolving the legacy of the murderous Jigsaw. The film's performance was enough to guarantee its status as the weekend's winner, but it currently stands as the series' third-lowest opening weekend just ahead of the first "Saw" and last year's "Saw VI,

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