The China-fication of Hollywood

With a rapidly expanding cinema audience, the biggest new films are being adapted for what is now the second largest box office in the world

There's a lesson to be learned from new teen comedy 21 & Over, though the abstract of that lesson will largely depend on where you see it. Catch it on one of the 300-odd UK screens it opened across yesterday, and witness a jocular salute to the redemptive power of youth, rebellion and getting fucked-up. Hold out for the film's debut in China later this month and you're in for an altogether more moralistic experience.

Along with a growing band of Hollywood innovators, the producers of 21 & Over have worked closely with the Chinese government to produce an alternate cut for their audiences, one in which the film's hero is refashioned as a Chinese exchange student who ultimately shakes off the rank delinquency of American college life and returns home a reformed character.

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