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In Place of War: Egypt's artists after the Arab Spring

How did Egypt's creative minds respond to the revolution. We ask six artists, and talk to the founder of In Place of War, a project that champions work born out of conflict

James Thompson first had the idea for what would become In Place of War when he was working in Jaffna, Sri Lanka, in 2000, during the civil war. Thompson comes from an academic and theatre background and was invited there by Unicef, which had received a request from Jaffna community workers for someone experienced in developing theatre programmes for young people.

"It was during really chronic violence in the north and we had to take a mad route to get there to avoid it all," explains Thompson. "I'd read a piece on Sri Lankan theatre before I went, which basically said that there was nothing going on in the north, because of the war. But when I arrived I found a surprisingly active,

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