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London 2010: A Somewhat Gentle Man Review

A farcical comic drama form Norway, Hans Petter Moland's A Somewhat Gentle Man stars Stellan Skarsgard as Ulrik, released from jail after a lengthy sentence for killing the man who slept with his wife. Re-entering the free world with more than a little reluctance Ulrik is torn between patching his personal life back together and rejoining his aging criminal pals Jensen (Bjorn Floberg) and Rolf (Gard B. Eidsvold) to take revenge on the man who testified against him.

Set in a desolate and grim neighbourhood bordering a major road route, this is Norway at its most grim and realist. The story, however, is far from realistic with a streak of hilarious absurdist humour running throughout. Slowly paced and scripted with some of the most wonderful deadpan humour, the film is populated by down-on-their-luck Norwegians, often deluded about the reality of their own existence. Sven (Bjorn Sundguist), the owner of

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