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20 Ans d’écart (It Boy) Movie Review

Title: 20 Ans d’écart (It Boy) Director: David Moreau Starring: Virginie Efira, Pierre Niney, Gilles Cohen, Charles Berling. In a time when women who date younger men are the new cool, David Moreau’s cougar comedy is extremely timely. Alice Lantins (Virginie Efira) is 38 years old. She is beautiful, ambitious, and impeccably professional: she has everything to become the next editor-in-chief of Rebelle magazine. Everything except for her bourgeois uptight image. But when the young and charming Balthazar (Pierre Niney), barely 20 years old, crosses Alice’s path, her colleagues’ attitude inexplicably changes. Realising that the she holds the key to her promotion, Alice stages the comedy of an improbable idyll [ Read More ]

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