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Rosie Perez Blasts Ruben Diaz Sr.

Brooklyn-born actress Rosie Perez reserved choice words for her fellow New Yorker and Puerto Rican, state senator Ruben Diaz Sr., telling the antigay Democrat in a new video, “You are not speaking for the majority of New York Latinos.”Perez filmed the video to help raise money for Fight Back New York, the Pac dedicated to defeating state legislators who vote against equality. Last year, Diaz Sr. of the Bronx was one of eight Democrats who voted against the marriage equality bill that failed the state senate by a 38-24 vote. Perez began by expressing her general disappointment with her home state.”Are you kidding me? Iowa’s got the jump on us, New York?” asked Perez. “We’re the world’s freakin’ city. We take the lead and dictate to the rest on how to do this, and you can’t tie the knot if you bat for the other team,

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