Exclusive First News on Bachelorette Party Massacre and Teaser Art!

In a follow-up to our recent items concerning the forthcoming Anchor Bay Films release of Chris Freeman and Justin JonesSorority Party Massacre, here’s exclusive word on and teaser art for the flick’s sequel, the aptly-named Bachelorette Party Massacre!

To be co-directed by Jones and Freeman from a script by the latter, Sorority Party Massacre leads Ed O'Ross and Tom Downey will return in Bachelorette Party Massacre to reprise their roles as ‘Sheriff Lumpkin’ and ‘Detective Watts’, respectively. Bitch Slap actor Kevin Sorbo is in talks to return as well for what will more than likely be another fun and sexy trip to the well of titillating girls (Playboy model Andrea Lowell [pictured] and Sharktopus' Shandi Finnessey have already been cast), comedy and gore which they established in the predecessor (review to come soon to Dread Central).

"Chris and I have always envisioned the story of Watts and Lumpkin as a trilogy,

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