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Actess and Playboy Model America Olivo Goes Topless in Circle Trailer

Horror hottie, and Playboy cover model, America Olivo (below) ('Friday the 13th', 'Bitch Slap', 'The Last Resort') is revealing more flesh in a great looking trailer for her upcoming serial killer flick 'Circle'. The movie arrives both on DVD and VOD across the Us on 16 November. It co-stars Erin Foster, Kinsey Packard, Erin Reese, Gail O'Grady, Silas Weir Mitchell, Michael DeLuise, Ryan Doom and Jason Thompson. Olivo has previously shown us 'the goods' as she went topless along with Julianna Guill in the recent 'Friday the 13th' remake. You can catch a very brief segment of showering and side boobs in the trailer, if it takes your fancy, else you can check out the rest of it below. 'When sociopath James Bennett commits a series of brutal murders and then escapes a maximum security mental hospital, the FBI teams up with the U.

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