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Fringe 3.05 "Amber 31422" Review

Finally, it's starting to happen. It's only been five short episodes (and only three in the alternate universe), but we're starting to see the set-up of Olivia's triumphant return to our universe from her semi-imprisonment Over There. At least, I hope it'll be triumphant -- that's certainly how I was feeling at the end of this episode. The rest of the time? Well, I loved that too.

The title "Amber 31422" is a reference to the chemical that Walternate created to seal in "breaches" in the space-time-continuum of the other side. What causes those breaches isn't really sure, though my guess is that it's some sort of fallout from the events of the episode "Peter." The Amber chemical is the gas we were first introduced to in episode three of the first season, "The Ghost Network." Remember that bus?

Speaking of throwbacks, there are certainly a lot of them this year.

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