Doctor Who Ep. 7.13, “Nightmare in Silver”: Disappointing ep showcases Smith but lets down most everyone else

Doctor Who, Series 7, Episode 13: “Nightmare in Silver”

Written by Neil Gaiman

Directed by Stephen Woolfenden

Airs Saturdays at 9pm (Et) on BBC America

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Life-long Whovian Neil Gaiman made a big splash with his first contribution to Doctor Who, series six’s fantastic “The Doctor’s Wife”. When word came out that he was returning in series seven to pen the return of the Cybermen, fans were understandably excited. Unfortunately, “Nightmare in Silver”, while it has its charms, is massively uneven and nowhere near as satisfying as the emotional and eminently rewatchable “The Doctor’s Wife”. This is one of the most qualitatively schizophrenic episodes in quite a while, so to best approach it, I’m ditching my usual format and going for bullet points.

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