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Isa of The Day: Noori Pictures

Noori Pictures is the new name for Sherahazad, Katayoon Shahabi's independent, Iranian international sales agency. After spending 11 months in one of Iran's most notorious prisons for "collaborating with the BBC", she has pitched her tent in Paris where she spent her college years before returning to Iran with idealistic plans which 20 some odd years later she as been forced to abandon.

Her new lineup of films includes a documentary she is producing about Ashghar Farhadi, the director of the Academy Award winner for Best Foreign Language Film 2011:

A Separation (Az Iran, Yek Jodaee)Color, HD, 16:9, 52 min, 2012-13, IranDirectors & Research: Azadeh Mousavi, Kourosh AtaeiProducer: Katayoon Shahabi, Azadeh Mousavi, Kourosh AtaeiStage: Post- Production

This documentary film depicts the importance of receiving an Oscar Award for “A Separation” for the Iranians. It gives a general view on Iran’s society of today. The documentary is narrated with an ironic language and uses animation in some parts.


Bending the Rules (Ghaedeye Tasadof)

Color, D-Cinema, 2.00:1, Sound: Digital5.1,94 min., 2013, Iran, 2nd Film, World Premiere

Director, Scriptwriter & Editor: Behnam Behzadi Producer: Behnam Behzadi Director of Photography: Amin Jafari Cast: Amir Jafari, Ashkan Khatibi, Mehrdad Sedighian, Baharan Bani Ahmadi, Neda Jebraeeli, Martin Shamoonpour, Roshanak Gerami, Mohammad-Reza Ghaffari, Elaheh Hesari, Soroosh Sehhat, Omid Roohani

An enthusiastic and amateur theatrical group finds the opportunity to perform abroad which is a great success. Sheherazad, a desperate girl, joins the group and takes the leading role in the play. She decides, unlike her other fellow actors to tell the truth to her father. He is against this trip. The group is now in a dilemma: replace her or....

Bending the Rules is the story of the third generation of the Iranian Revolution that does not want to compromise on their principles and rights with their parents.

Bardou (Oun Khoub Sang Mizanad)

Color, HD, 16:9, 85min, 2013, Iran, Debut, World Premiere

Director & Scriptwriter: Seyed Hadi Mohaghegh Producer: Ebrahim Asghari Director of Photography: Meisam Riahi Cast: Ahmad Derakhshan, Saaed Soheili, Davoud Einabadi

Bardou is the story of a 16-year-old teenager who has recently lost his father and has to get back his father's loan from Nasir, who is unwilling to pay off his debt. In order to get his right and to deal with the difficulties, Bardou has to become a man.

The Bag of Flour (Le Sac de Farine)

Screening : Tuesday, May 21, 11 :30 a.m., Riviera, Palais H, Debut (Market Premier)

Color, 35mm, 92 min, 2012, Belgium, Morocco, France

Director: Kadija Leclere Scriptwriter: Kadija Leclere, Pierre Olivier Mornas Producers: Gaëtan David, Samy Layani, André Logie Editor: Virginie Messiaen, Ludo Troch Director of Photography: Gilles Porte, Philippe Guilbert Cast: Hafsia Herzi, Hiam Abbass, Smain Fairouze, Mehdi Dehbi, Rania Mellouli

Based on the true life of the director, the film traces the story of an eight year-old Moroccan Muslim girl who is living in a Catholic orphanage in Belgium in 1970s. She is taken by her biological father to a poverty-stricken village in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, where she spends her teen ages simultaneous with the years of Hunger Revolt in Morocco...

Death is My Profession (Marg Kasb va Kare Man Ast) Color, 35 mm, 1:1/85, 90 min, 2011, Iran, Debut

Director & Scriptwriter: Amir Hossein Saghafi Director of Photography: Nader Masoumi Editor: Mastaneh Mohajer Producer: Aliakbar Saghafi

Cast: Pejman Bazeghi, Amir Aghaei, Maryam Boobani, Kamran Tafti, Mahchehreh Khalili, Akbar Sangi, Meysam Ghanizadeh, Sonia Espahram, Ramin Rastad

Death is My Profession is about the struggle of people who have to accept any work offered, to survive in a neglected society.

Documentaries in Production

(Looking for Co-Producer)

Local Kitchen (Ashpazkhaneye Mahalli) Color, HD, 16:9, 60 min, 2013-14, Iran, France

Director & Research: Loghman Khaledi Producer: Katayoon Shahabi & Artline Films

Stage: Pre-production

The documentary depicts social and economical aspects of Iranian society through a story about seven women who decide to take part in family economy by establishing a catering that offers traditional food.

The Pain We Share (Darde Moshtarak) Color, HD, 16:9, 60 & 75 min, 2011-13, Iran, Japan & Canada

Directors & Research: Fima Emami & Reza Daryanoush Producer: Katayoon Shahabi & Nhk/Japan Broadcasting Corporation

Stage: Post-production

Fima Emami is a filmmaker and daughter of an Iran-Iraq War veteran. She is focusing on the Iranian and American veterans who are suffering from Ptsd and the effects it has had on their families including her own family.


Nessa (Nessa)

Color, HD, 16:9, 52 min, 2011-12, Iran

Director & Research: Loghman Khaledi Producer: Katayoon Shahabi

Nessa is a young woman from Kurdistan of Iran, who is trying to progress in her acting and artistic career. Due to the conservative environment, her family prevents her from reaching her goal. The film is about her struggle..

Moving Up (Kami Balatar)

Color, HD, 16:9, 58 min, 2011, Iran

Director & Research: Loghman Khaledi Producer: Katayoon Shahabi

Shahriyar, a garbage collector, has a passion for literature and poetry. He writes imaginative stories to escape from his dull and prosaic life but all the people around him constantly conspire to hold him back from “Moving Up”.

21 Days and Me (21 Rooz va Man) Color, HD, 16:9, 58 min, 2011, Iran

Director & Research: Shirin Barghnavard Producer: Katayoon Shahabi

Nominated for the Best Asian Doc. in Asian Pacific 2011

Iwar Asian Women’s Film Festival (2013/ India)

This film covers the 21 days before the operation of a 35-year-old woman who is struggling with the issue to become a mother or not.

Unwelcome in Tehran (Nakhandeh dar Tehran) Color, HD, 16:9, 52 min, 2011, Iran

Director & Research: Mina Keshavarz Producer: Katayoon Shahabi

Thessaloniki Documentary Festival (2012/ Greece) Filmmor Women's Int'l F. F. (2012/ Turkey)

Mina, the director, is a girl from Shiraz who gets married in order to move to Tehran. Influenced by her own life, she decides to make a documentary about the girls nationwide who, like Azar, move to Tehran to start an independent life.

Reluctant Bachelor (Pir Pesar) Color, HD, 16:9, 58 min., HD, 2011, Iran

Director & Research: Mehdi Bagheri Producer: Katayoon Shahabi

Asiatica Film Mediale F. F. (2012/ Italy) Gene Siskle Film Center (2012/ USA) Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (2013 / USA)

This film is about the director himself who is 30 years old and still living with his parents. He tells his story while trying to revise his attitude towards every member of his family by interviewing them. This film is the reflection of the young generations’ lives in Iran.

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