'Erased' review: Aaron Eckhart in fine form in 'Bourne Identity' imitation

Just once, it'd be nice if the couple fleeing from a trigger-happy hit man through, say, a crowded hospital, would yell out -- "Run for your lives!" And if the hospital's in Belgium, say, it'd be nice for them to yell it in French.

"Erased" has such a scene, where Aaron Eckhart, as a security contractor whose company, bank records and recent history have been "erased," is fleeing with his daughter (Liana Liberato). And you can't help but feel for the innocent doctors, nurses and patients on gurneys who catch a bullet during the mayhem. Don't they deserve a warning?

"Erased" is a run-of-the-mill "Bourne" imitation in which covert operatives are desperate to tidy up a scheme in which American expat Ben Logan may be the only witness. It's an exposition-heavy thriller with that generic Euro-thriller blue-grey color palette and duller-than-grey villains, all chasing the good guy and his daughter through scenic Brussels and Antwerp,

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