Watch: Great Google Director Discussion For ‘The Joy Of Six’ Short Films

We’re always eager to share new projects, and new ideas with our Thn readers and nothing sets up an upcoming director (and older ones) better than a new, exciting short film. There’s also a lot of intrigue from new film makers with their process, and what they want to achieve by giving us something unique and original. Here, Nbcq present us with a package of award-winning short films, showcasing the best of British screen and directing talent. This may be the only time you get to encounter Dame Judi Dench on Facebook, as a woman attempting to woo her local choirmaster through social media, see Peter Mullan give a screen masterclass on how to smoke a cigarette (without the ash falling), or watch Luke Treadaway, run…a lot.

Recently, they had a discussion on Google and now, we’d love to share it with you. Here, we feature

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