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Veteran film and TV actor Penne Hackforth-Jones passes away

Actor Penne Hackforth-Jones, a pillar of Australian films and TV for more than 40 years, died in Melbourne on Friday from lung cancer, aged 63.

Her illness was diagnosed in 2012 but she wished to keep the diagnosis private while her father was still alive. She relocated to Melbourne in 2011 to be close to and care for her elderly parents both of whom died recently.

.Penne responded to her own terminal diagnosis with great courage and grace,. said her sisters Jos Hackforth-Jones, Simary Hackforth-Jones and Olivia McNally. .Her health deteriorated in April, but she was able to remain at home because of the wonderful support from her Gp, Mercy and Alfred Palliative care units and friends. Her last weeks were peaceful and happy. She died surrounded by flowers and cards from those closest to her and cared for by family and close friends. She was dearly loved by relations and friends and much

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