Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood: Part Four Blu-ray Review

Director: Yasuhiro Irie

Starring: Romi Park, Vic Mignogna, Rie Kugimiya, Maxey Whitehead, Shinchiro Miki, Travis Willingham, Megumi Takamoto, Caitlin Glass, Hidekatsu Shibata, Ed Blaylock, Hiroyuki Yoshino, Eric Vale,

Running Time: 318 minutes

Certificate: 15

Extras: 2 Episode Commentaries, Textless Opening and Closings.

It’s a good thing this series is coming thick and fast to Blu-ray, because can anyone really wait for the next exciting instalments? Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is popular for a reason, and that reason is that it quite simply ticks all the boxes for what one would expect in a deep and entertaining anime.

As this fourth collection opens,we find that brothers and constant companions Edward and Alphonse Elric have parted ways in order to achieve individual goals. It’s a huge turning point for the duo as it allows them to successfully grow as characters in new situations as well as seeing how they interact with other characters.

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