We Are What We Are Review

Wandering around like a zombie attempting to touch dummy breasts through a shop's window, the breadwinner of a family of cannibals starts coughing up vile black liquid. Dying of a heart attack outside a swanky shopping centre, his body is promptly dragged away and the mess below cleaned up. His family are left to fend for themselves which isn't easy when they are evicted from their market stall pitch where they mend watches and have never had to hunt for their meals.

After the initial wave of shock and despair, the remaining family deliberate over what must be done, all agreeing that food must be found for the next day. Their father was addicted to whores, but their mother refuses to eat prostitutes - even to the point of making a risky return of a prostitute's corpse as a warning to the others to leave her family alone, rather than take a bite.

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