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Trailer for Bloodrayne: The Third Reich Glimpses a Nude Natassia Malthe

Best of the worst genre directors out there Uwe Boll, responsible for turning half-decent video games into walk-out cinema experiences, returns for a third time to his vampire game adaption that is 'BloodRayne'. 'Bloodrayne: The Third Reich', the third and hopefully the last installment in the series, does have one thing going for it though as seen (albeit briefly) in the new trailer for the upcoming sequel below. It's a potential naked lesbian sex scene that features the returning (and sexy) Natassia Malthe (below). The follow-up co-stars Clint Howard, Brendan Fletcher, Michael Pare, Willam Belli, Annett Culp, Vjekoslav Katusin, Steffen Mennekes and Natalia Guslistaya. Check out the new trailer below with pause at the ready!...

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