Arrested Development Exclusive: Jessica Walter on The Return Of Lucille Bluth, Her Long Career and More

Interviewing an acting legend – especially one working on new Arrested Development episodes, as as well as fan favorite Archer – isn’t a bad way to spend an afternoon.

On Season 4 of the beloved, resurrected sitcom (all 15 are available this Sunday on Netflix), Jessica Walter is back as boozy matriarch Lucille Bluth and, well... the time away hasn’t made Lucille a better mother. But that’s the way we like it.

I sat down with Walter recently and not only got her approval on the name of this site, but also talked about what’s new with Lucille while taking a walk down memory lane with her career highlights...

Jessica Walter: Jim, what are you writing for?

TV Fanatic: This is

Jw: Oooh. I love that. TV Fanatic.

Tvf: My first question is actually about how we watch TV. How do you watch TV? What’s your

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