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Pre-production Starts for $140K Horror Film 'Visions Evilutions' from Sergio Candido

By Stan Goodrich,

Sergio Candido has announced that the cast and crew of his newest suspense film have been signed and that his newest suspense film,, “Visions Evilutions,” a fast moving action horror film will soon begin filming. “Visions Evilutions,” written by Sergio Candido, has all the components of a horror classic, including suspense, unpredictability, strong storyline, non-stop action, eeriness and great special effects.

Candido wrote, produced and directed an original musical, “Broadway Good and Evil,” in the late 1990’s. A hit, it played for months to sold-out Off-Broadway audiences. Since moving to California in 2006, Candido has been in over 50 musicals, commercials and film as a lead actor or director. Most recently, he played Jekyll in “Jekyll and Hyde the Musical” at the Village Theatre in Orange. He also won “DJ of the Year” in 2010 and was nominated again in 2012.

For his newest film, Candido has contracted the services of friend,

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