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Plum TV Expands To New Viewers

Plum TV, the niche cable channel catering to wealthy viewers in high-end resort cities, is planning the biggest expansion in its eight-year history, adding channels in new communities, new mobile and other digital offerings and launching print publications. An announcement could come as early as today from the network, launched by Nantucket Nectars founder Tom Scott who with partners used their proceeds from the sale of the beverage company to Cadbury Schweppes to get Plum up and running. Scott has recruited Jerry Powers, a co-founder of “Ocean Drive Magazine” in Miami and a music industry vet, to serve alongside him as co-chairman of Plum to oversee the expansion. Nicholas Lehman, recruited to Plum several months ago from Barry Diller’s Iac, will be the new CEO. Plum provides programming focusing on everything from food, fashion, the arts to philanthropy on local channels in Aspen, Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, the Hamptons,

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