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The Terror Within/Dead Space (Roger Corman Cult Classics) – DVD Review

The Films:

Shout! Factory is releasing plenty of Roger Corman titles (mostly produced) via these Double Feature DVD releases, and this time they pair up two lesser known titles from the late 1980s/early 1990s period, certainly a long time after his producing heyday of finer sci-fi/horror films. Both films collected here, The Terror Within (1989) and Dead Space (1990) have a common link of being Alien-copycats.

First, The Terror Within. This film is pretty fun, despite it’s odd amalgamation of Mad Max, Alien, and the film Alien copied from, It! The Terror from Outer Space. We’re really left in the dark about the origin of the film’s setting. You see, our protagonists are in an underground bunker, seeking survivors from something that eradicated Earth’s population, andwhen the find a survivor – she could be the cure! – there’s something just not right. Yeah, same old same old,

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