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Geek shows and movies on UK TV in the coming week

Jimmy Carr, Raising Hope, and a whole host of movies are coming up on UK TV in the next week to keep you busy...

Well, it was a good couple of weeks prior, with a bountiful amount of new shows and finales. Now we've hit a cold spell, but worry not as two new shows are braving the frost to keep us toasty with auto-generated warmth via laughter.

First, Jimmy Carr performs for us in our very own front rooms in a taped tour from London earlier this year. He's never let us down before and there's always more to come, as we learned in our interview here. This private living room gig takes place on Tuesday, November 16th on Channel 4 at 10:00pm. Heckle all you like. He won't mind a bit. And you may be chuckling enough to lose the Snuggie.

The straggler of the week is

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