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Can Computer Code Be Greener? Facebook Thinks So

One of Facebook's green initiatives involves converting their software from one language to another. What makes one code greener than another?

Facebook, which is getting some negative PR on environmental issues, recently announced several green initiatives. Some of them are intuitive: getting employees to cut down on water usage, a shuttle bus, composting. Most intriguing, though, is one initiative to ensure that the very code written by Facebook's programmers is itself as green as possible, something achieved by converting Facebook's code from one language called Php to another called C++.

How can it be that one type of computer code is "greener" than another? And what is the greenest code?

Some programming languages are more energy efficient than others because they simply run faster. A program that can be executed faster reduces the load on a central processing unit, which in turn demands less energy from the massive data centers

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