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Cinema Lounge Roundtable: An Interview With the Filmmakers

Cinema Lounge Roundtable: An Interview with the Filmmakers

November 2010

From the dark comic tale of a murderous co-ed on the hunt for true love or an old gay man undergoing the same search, to a look into group therapy sessions for social anxiety ridden clones, and a look at an engaged couple testing the limits of their relationship at a joint bachelor/bachelorette party; the films in this month's Cinema Lounge showcase the power of storytelling in under 30 minutes. We caught up with filmmakers Matthew Morgenthaler, Trevin Matcek, Hana Geissendorfer, Daniel Patterson, and Justin Staley to discuss their films and their process in getting them made.

By Folayo Lasaki

Let ‘s start with Introductions of your names and projects ...

Matthew: Matthew Morgenthaler - Love Me Tender

Trevin: Trevin Matcek - You, Me + We

Hana: Hana Geissendorfer - Hermann

Daniel/Justin: Daniel Patterson & Justin Staley - Stag & Doe

Can each of

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