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The Fog | Seasons In The Sun: The Heyday Of Nikkatsu Studios | UK green film festival | Terracotta Far East Film festival

The Fog, London

As if a screening of a seminal horror movie in a spooky location wasn't enough, this event is also a format-junkie's wet-dream. Cigarette Burns presents a rare chance to watch a 16mm full-Cinemascope print, with mood-enhancing music from "Kab Radio" (it makes sense if you've seen the movie). What's more, punters will be first in line to buy Death Waltz records' new super collectable reissue of Carpenter's own splendidly doomful synth soundtrack, with original cover artwork by Dinos Chapman.

The Nave, N1, Fri

Seasons In The Sun: The Heyday Of Nikkatsu Studios, London

Think of postwar Japanese cinema and you think of Kurosawa, Ozu, and other greats. What you don't think of is girl gangs, go-go dancers and fetishistic hitmen. The west got the arthouse movies, but

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