Sliff 2010 Review: Suicide Dolls

Review by Dana Jung

Disney fans who are used to seeing actress Christy Carlson Romano as the consummate Disney mean girl in such fare as Cadet Kelly, the Cutting Edge sequels, Even Stevens, and the voice of Kim Possible may be shocked at her performance in Suicide Dolls, showing at Sliff. The talented Romano gave hidden depth to many of the stereotyped Disney good/bad girl roles, but in Suicide Dolls, she does a complete 360 as the foul-mouthed, drug-addled high-schooler Amber who, with her best friend Jade (Laquita Cleare, also one of the film’s producers), is contemplating ending it all.

Giving themselves one day to record a video diary and do some things for the last time, the girls basically sit around talking, complaining, arguing, and generally baring their souls. Both have problems, both think they have nothing to live for, and both lean on each other for comfort and support.

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