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Flashback: Batman Fights Dracula for the First Time 46 Years Ago... In the Philipines

Forty-six years ago, Batman met the original Prince of Darkness for the first time. It wasn't in the pages of Detective Comics or Batman Magazine as many would think. Strangely, the first epic battle between the two creatures of the night was a 1967 color Filipino film entitled Batman Fights Dracula.

Take a breath before you start feverishly clicking away on Google looking for a link to a torrent of the movie. Unfortunately, Batman Fights Dracula is what Hollywood refers to as a "lost" film. There are no existing copies of it to be found anywhere. At least, no one has located one yet. Who knows what could be in the basement of some old projectionist's house somewhere in the Philippines.

Not much is known about Batman Fights Dracula except what can be found on the only existing promotional piece from the film. A poster features a few shots from the

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