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New Trailer for Ditch Day Massacre starring Bill Oberst, the Hardest Working Man In Horror

My favorite line from this trailer: “The blood and guts fly out….the camera does not stop rolling!”…Well, let’s hope not!

The movie’s lead actor, who is slicing his way through more than half-naked nubile bodies is Bill Oberst Jr. If you were at the screening of the St. Louis-lensed shocker Coyote last month at Mx Theater, you saw that film’s star Mr. Oberst who is currently swinging for the title of “Hardest Working Man In Horror” with no less than twelve major roles in independent horror films this year. Bill’s most famous role was as honest Abe in Abraham Lincoln Vs Zombies (2012), which, though not quite as good as Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter, was far superior than that boring-ass Speilberg movie.

The Los Angeles-based actor has just arrived in the woods of Kentucky to start shooting his 6th feature film of the year (The

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