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Kisses DVD Review

Lance Daly’s Kisses is a 2008 independent film set in the inner-city of Dublin, Ireland. The story concerns two very young children, Dylan and Kylie (played by Shane Curry and Kelly O’Neill), and their experiences away from home on a frosty Christmas holiday. I had never heard of it prior to its DVD release, and I’m sorry I hadn’t. It is a lovely film, one bursting at the seams with heart and tenderness. I enjoyed it quite a bit. My review after the jump.

Dylan and Kylie’s adventure begins after a calamity of errors leaves no better option than for them to run away from home – together. Such is not a difficult decision for either as both come from miserable, broken families:

Dylan’s father is abusive, out-of-control. When we first see him he is screaming profanities at a busted toaster. Consider that. A typical run-of-the-mill

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