Christina Ricci takes on Lizzie Borden for Lifetime

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Two years ago, Chloe Sevigny was cast as infamous alleged murderess Lizzie Borden for a HBO mini-series, but we're still waiting for that to come to fruition. In the meantime, Lifetime is doing its own version of the story, and they've cast Christina Ricci in the title role. Lizzie was accused (and eventually acquitted) of killing her parents with an axe while they were sleeping one night in Fall River, Massachusetts in 1892.

After the highly-publicized trial, Lizzie went on to have a relationship with actress Nance O’ Neill, and she is often referred to as a lesbian. Love letters she'd written to a female friend were found after her death, and she also was known to have "women's gatherings" at her home. Plus historians like to point out she did not "enjoy the company of men." All signs point to lez.

Lizzie Borden

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