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Behind the scenes 'The Black Dahlia Haunting' clip releases

by Seth Metoyer,

Origin Releasing has released a behind-the-scenes clip from the upcoming DVD and Blu-Ray release of the ("Smart, Driven..." film 'The Black Dahlia Haunting' (), which hits Video on Demand and Pay-Per-View on July 1st, a full month before the DVD street date.

Check out the behind the scenes preview below the details.

From the Press Release

The acclaimed paranormal thriller, which has garnered such accolades as Best Director, Actress, and Monster at Shockfest 2012 in Hollywood and Best Use of Sexuality and Best Cameo at Pollygrind 2012, follows a young woman from New York City who travels to Los Angeles to check on the well-being of her estranged brother, who is being held in a psychiatric ward for the murder of his parents. While in La she finds herself consumed by a mysterious spirit who turns out to be none other than Elizabeth Short,

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