Programming Note: Zero Hour Returns Saturday, But Not With the Pilot

I was a big fan of ABC‘s Zero Hour when I previewed the pilot last summer, and was disappointed that they were holding it until midseason. When they finally did air it, they had made a few changes with a few scenes, but it was still the cool Indiana Jones-feeling, Nazi hating, twisty fun mysterious show I remembered, complete with creepy baby.

Of course I was horribly disappointed when ABC canceled the series after airing just three episodes, but over-the-moon happy when they announced that they would air all 13 episodes this summer.

Well that happy day is now finally nearly upon us, as Zero Hour returns Saturday at 8/7c with a two-hour premiere. But… it isn’t the pilot. In fact, they are picking up where they left off, and will be airing episodes four and five on Saturday. If you didn’t see the first three episodes when

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