8 Movie Series So Out Of Order They Had Us Totally Confused

Although often lambasted for being too simple, some blockbuster series require hours of effort to get the correct chronology straight. With reboots the current favoured blockbuster production method in Hollywood, to see a franchise make it to more than three iterations without a complete do over is a rare occurrence. What’s even rarer is to see one make it that far without one director or another messing with the order of the series.

Prequels, late in the day sequels, heavily homaging reimaginings; they all mess with the order of a series, leaving us all perplexed as to where the latest entry is meant to fit. Sometimes you have resort to drawing complex maps on napkins, feeling more obsessive than Bruce Willis in Looper (no mean feat), only to give up and pray for a reboot.

Well fear not. Like on very current entry on this list we’re here to save the day.