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Exclusive: Zach Galligan Talks Hatchet III

Co-starring in Bj McDonnell’s first directorial effort as a Southern sheriff in way over his head, Zach Galligan has seen almost everything throughout his career. But he’s never seen mosquitoes quite as big as the ones swarming across the swamplands down in Louisiana on the set of Hatchet III.

When I spoke with Zach recently, thankfully, both of us were quite comfortable and indoors.

Dread Central: I know you grew up in the New York area as a big horror fan when you were a kid. You watched the Universal monsters growing up, then basically got to act alongside them in Waxwork, and you’ve also been a part of the new breed of classic monsters with Gremlins and now Victor Crowley in Hatchet III. Would that little kid who loved Chiller Theatre be pretty impressed with how things turned out?

Zach Galligan: Well, you know, I

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