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TV highlights 19/06/2013

Rhys Jones's Wildlife Patrol | Hollywood Me | Sky Arts Ignition: Memory Palace | The Apprentice | Horizon – Fracking: The New Energy Rush | Quick Cuts | Justified

Rhys Jones's Wildlife Patrol

7.30pm, BBC1

Dr Rhys Jones is an expert who helps the authorities deal with wildlife-related crime. Judging by this opening episode of a four-part series first shown on BBC1 Wales, it makes for an interesting working life. Albeit not one for those who are scared of creepy-crawlies, as Jones meets a grumpy tarantula and, more terrifying still, a poisonous fat-tail scorpion. But not all of the critters Jones encounters are quite so exotic: he also helps to investigate a suspected case of deer poaching. Jonathan Wright

Hollywood Me

8pm, Channel 4

New series seemingly amalgamating every reality concept since the year 2000: part home improvement, part makeover, part circus. Each week, interior designer to the stars Martyn Lawrence Bullard chooses a new

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