Take A Trippy Trip Into The Desert With Michael Cera And Gaby Hoffman In The First Crystal Fairy Trailer

For the last ten years, Michael Cera has more or less been playing the exact same character, just put into many different situations. From Arrested Development.s George Michael to Scott Pilgrim to Michael Cera in the webseries Clark and Michael - which is a cheat, I know . Cera has epitomized the role of the slightly awkward, mumbling nice guy, so much so that he seemed to have spawned Jesse Eisenberg. But somehow Chilean director Sebastián Silva has managed to disrupt that status quo with a pair of films releasing in the next few months. already seen Cera.s malevolently creepy side in the Magic Magic trailer, and now we have our first full trailer for the spaced out comedy Crystal Fairy, thanks to Apples. All right, all right, I hear you. This is probably more like Cera.s past roles than I.m willing to admit, ...

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