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Siff ’13 Shorts: Nightmare Mystery Theatre

Every year, in addition to more than 400 features, the Seattle International Film Festival also presents an extensive series of shorts. While fests like this may be your only chance to see many of the full-length films, the odds are even worse that you’re going to stumble across most of these smaller offerings. There aren’t a lot of mainstream distribution avenues for short films, they don’t get released into theaters, so if you miss them now, you’re probably shit out of luck. Digging into the darker side of things, the films in the “Nightmare Mystery Theatre” program offer you quick glimpses into the twisted, violent, and horrific. “Root” If movies have taught us nothing, it’s that sex in weird places only leads to bad things. For example, take Caleb Johnson’s new short “Root.” After a steamy night of passion with a man who is not her fiancé,

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