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Former Senator Rick Santorum Is Running A Movie Studio Now

As a site dedicated to entertainment news, we don't often discuss politics. But today the topics of movies and politicians have unavoidably dovetailed, so let's talk Rick Santorum. The former Republican Senator of Pennsylvania who threw his hat in the presidential race of 2012 has been elected the CEO of EchoLight Studios, a company that plans to "produce, finance, market and distribute faith-based, family films across all releasing platforms," according to Religion News Service. The site claims EchoLight has a "full pipeline of films with established directors and a growing cadre of 'faith and family' stars as committed as the directors and producers." The newly formed studio will release their first feature, The Redemption of Henry Myers on September 1st of this year. Then 2014 will see the release of Hoovey, a reportedly inspirational biopic about Illinois basketball player Eric .Hoovey. Elliott that boasts stars like Patrick Warburton and Lauren Holly, and

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