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Rick Santorum to head new Christian film studio

The former Us presidential hopeful will be CEO of a faith-based movie company that plans to recruit talent from Hollywood

Rick Santorum, the evangelical former Us presidential hopeful who lost out to Mitt Romney in last year's Republican primaries, is to head a new studio which aims to bring faith-based film-making to Hollywood.

Texas-based EchoLight studios hopes to have a $20m fund in place within weeks to make Christian-oriented "family-friendly" movies. Its first film will be a western titled The Redemption of Henry Myers. The story will focus on a bank robber who is left for dead by his accomplices and nursed back to health by a widow and her young children. EchoLight is also planning a modern-day, non-musical retelling of the biblical story of Joseph and his coat of many colours.

Santorum, who ran for the Republican presidential nomination on a conservative platform opposing gay marriage and legal abortions,

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