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In the Family | Blu-ray Review

Not long after an initially unheralded premiere in 2011, the Independent Spirit Award nominated debut from Patrick Wang, In the Family, suddenly started getting much deserved attention, which resulted in a wider theatrical release in spring of 2012. The critical response has been nearly unanimous, and Wang stands as one of the most exciting new authorial voices in American indie cinema, not to mention his film’s ability to place an Lgbt themed subject matter into a wider cinematic realm than the niche its ilk is usually relegated, has been an equally regal and transcendent.

Chip (Sebastian Banes), wakes up one morning and bounces into his parents’ bedroom, waking up his dads, Joey (Patrick Wang), and Cody (Trevor St. John). We watch their breakfast ritual, as the three warmly and familiarly converse, all of them going about their respective days, Cody being a teacher and Joey a contractor. They have family friends,

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